Drawing at The Cellar

Kleiner Shames, Patch Plummer, Will Elsom and Myself drawing on walls for fun (and free Cliff Richard Tees)


30 Seconds with Frankie

Frankie (the boy genius) has no problems skating Daveside, while everyone else was struggling to 5.0 the quarter, he managed to bang out about 10 tricks in 5 minutes.

check it!


Neddy has been working hard over the last two years on this Oxford-ish scene vid, and it kills it.
He asked me to do all the illustration/design for it and it which I was stoked to do, it was pretty different to what I usually do but it came out way better than I thought it would!

Go here and buy it right now so Ned can get cracking on the next vid (maybe he'll even let me have a trick in it)


Black Ink Only

A few weeks ago, myself, Mike, Patch, Alfa, Voyder, and 3Dom did a live drawing at Detour in Bath. It was a rad night and everyone killed it, thanks to Levis and Edding who sponsored the night, and of course Toff and Steve at Detour for letting us draw all over their walls.


New studio, new stuff

Moved into a new studio with some dudes a while back, so expect some new work soon. For now you'll have to just settle for these business cards I printed today!



If you skate you should go here and buy one of Mikes Highbrow boards.
It the raddest company going, run by one of the raddest dudes (who shares my passion for drawing cocks).



shit rap sprays are the best rap sprays


New prints to hide stains on your walls...

2 colour A3 screen print, edition of 15.
Yours for £10!
2 colour A3 screenprint, edition of 10
This ones also yours for £10

If you're interested in buying one get in touch at 1995lives@gmail.com,
I'll even chuck in freebie with them. x



New print coming soon (hopefully)


New slang

Soon I will be knocking this blog on the head and moving on to pastures new.
Don't worry though, you lot will be the first to know about it!


Been busy printing again thanks to Patch.
More pictures soon when i've had a slight re vamp of this blog
(You'll also be able to buy them so I can afford to eat)


click on the pic for info (its my birthday)

maybe I'll do some new stuff soon-but I doubt it


its been a while...

Book cover for a friend, more info to come...


Workin' Klein to 5...

Me and Kleiner Shames, drawing on walls in the purple turtle, oxford



Me, Kleiner shames, Mr Bletch and a few others painting a wall in Cowley, for Oxford City Council


Mumdance Kerplunk Mixtape

this is the final, finised version of the latet Mumdance ep cover, go here to download the track.


Come on everyone...

If anyones around in Oxford on the 19th, I'm gonna be getting drunk and riding bikes to ruin my birthday.
Meeting at the Cellar about 9 i guess?

Lock it, or Lose it

Bike thieves are everywhere...

Whats next

Album cover for the newly released Mumdance mix....


I went to Sweden and all I got was this lousy wallie...

A load of us went for a mini trip to Sweden at the weekend, while everyone else was throwing themselves up/down/over everything in sight, I decided to ride up stuff instead.